ABC (Arctictis Binturong Conservation), supported since 2019 by Play for Nature, is the first organization in the world uniquely dedicated to the study and the protection of binturong. The species is classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List (2016) and as Endangered by the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development.


The Binturong is an endemic animal of the Philippines, whose natural habitat is in the treetops of the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. It is now classified as vulnerable, due to the degradation of its natural environment, and is at risk of total extinction in China.

Since 2017, the association has been conducting a scientific study to increase knowledge about this little-known mammal: population density, territory use, diet, social behavior… This scientific part includes the installation of camera traps in the field in Katala, the conduct of radio-trackings and the observation of the animals’ behaviors. The objective is to obtain a detailed distribution map of the species on the island of Palawan, the size of the population of binturongs in the Philippines, its territory as well as its social behavior.

Our support

We support ABConservation for the conduct of this scientific study but also for the development of an educational approach.

The association is involved in school interventions, conferences and awareness-raising among the visitors of the Palawan Wildlife and Conservation Rescue Center. Finally, Play for Nature participates in the renovation of the current infrastructure and the construction of a new enclosure for the binturongs. The operation of the rescue center was heavily impacted by the pandemic and by the passage of Odette Typhoon in December 2021, causing significant damages.