Cheetah Conservation Fund

Cheetah Conservation Fund is an association founded in 1990 in Namibia. It is dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild throughout its habitat range in Africa.

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Classified as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN, 2021) red list, cheetahs are threatened by habitat destruction and smuggling to the Middle East. Their range continues to shrink and their population to fragment. It is almost extinct in Sudan.

CCF aims to safeguard cheetahs in their ecosystem, so the association is a member of the Conservancy movement in Namibia, which includes conservancies managed by groups of landowners.

The association conducts scientific research on cheetahs, focusing on the life cycle, genetics and biology of cheetahs. Research projects also include studies on ecology, human-animal conflict and agriculture.

CCF also operates a research and education center offering environmental field education programs. The center is daily open to the public and offers educational activities, school programs, and training for Namibian and international students and scholars.

Our support

We support Cheetah Conservation Fund in their reintroduction project allowing the reintroduction and monitoring of five cheetahs in their natural environment in Namibia. Our support also extends to the monitoring of the cheetahs after their reintroduction, thanks to the purchase of GPS collars and the financing of the veterinary monitoring which will be carried out.