COGEZOH (Contribution à la Gestion des Zones Humides du Niger) is a non-governmental organisation working since 2000 to promote the sustainable management of wetland ecosystems in Niger.


Its mission is to support the government’s efforts towards participatory and sustainable management of natural resources to improve the living conditions of rural communities.

The NGO implements several projects: restoration of degraded ecosystems, solar electrification around protected areas, providing drinking water to local populations, creating community tourist camps, setting up market gardens, etc.

In addition to these development activities, the project also carries out actions to reduce human-wildlife conflicts by setting up a warning system to secure crops and livestock against incursions by fauna, and by raising awareness among local populations, particularly through the use of sports.

Our support

We support the organisation of a local Girafoot championship in Niger. This football tournament aims to improve the cohabitation between the local population and the groups of giraffes that roam the area. The event will be organised between the four secondary schools of the four rural communes of western Niger. Before each game and during half-time, the project staff will pass on messages about the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of giraffes to raise awareness about the importance of their protection. The project will be carried out in collaboration with a second giraffe protection association, the Association de Sauvegarde des Girafes du Niger.