The Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative is an NGO fighting for the protection of Belize’s rainforests, which are home to a rich and diverse biodiversity that is severely threatened by logging today.


Through the purchase of forest parcels, CFSI linked the Shipstern Nature Reserve with the Honey Camp and Freshwater Creek Nature Reserves, creating the largest biological corridor in Belize, with over 5,000 km² of protected biodiversity. This will increase the habitat of various species such as the leopard, the Baird’s tapir, the Toucan and their genetic diversity thanks to a more varied territory and populations. The implementation of a sustainable forest management plan will help the preservation of Belize’s exceptional biodiversity.

CSFI has complementary actions on the ground involving the development of economic opportunities, education programs, fair trade tourism, sustainable uses of natural resources and restoration of forests in poor condition.

Our support

We financially support all the actions carried out by the association in order to allow the economic development of the region while protecting its biodiversity. Our support also helps the financing of the salaries of the teams dedicated to the surveillance of the protected areas.