Antongil Conservation has been working since 1999 to protect the forest and biodiversity in Madagascar by sustainably managing the Farankaraina forest and educating the population about the importance of protecting the forest and the lemurs that live there.


Antongil Conservation is the leader of the “Protection of the Farankaraina Rainforest in Madagascar” program. The objective of this program is the protection, management and reforestation of the forest area of Farankaraina in Madagascar (1,660 hectares) in the Bay of Antongil. The association monitors and preserves the forest and ensures fauna and flora monitoring. It communicates in particular with the management committees of the riparian villages in order to protect this natural space as well as possible and to raise awareness among the surrounding populations. Animations are organised to raise awareness among the inhabitants as well as the tourists, and to encourage more sustainable behaviors. The association thus helps develop eco-tourism activities and more sustainable economic alternatives for the region.

Antongil Conservation regularly performs translocation of red lemurs to the protected area of Farankaraina. In 2018, 2 red lemurs were reintroduced there, followed by 3 more in 2019. This reintroduction was a success and led to 3 births in 2021. The red lemurs now benefit from a permanent monitoring and should be joined by 4 other individuals during 2023.

Our support

By supporting Antongil Conservation, we contribute to financing the salaries of employees such as patrols, as well as the purchase of equipment needed to protect and monitor the Farankaraina forest and its biodiversity. The fund also helps to cover the costs of environmental education for Malagasy children and populations in order to raise awareness.