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    1 year from September 2023

    Play for Nature is an endowment fund created by Julien Pierre, former international rugby player, and Pascal Damois, President of the Parc Animalier d’Auvergne in 2013. He is involved in the protection of endangered species and their ecosystems in France and around the world. We have developed expertise in research, selection, support and monitoring of conservation programs.

    Our actions are based on three themes:

    • Biodiv’Monde: support for in-situ conservation programs and studies
      scientists on 5 continents.
    • Biodiv’Educ: creation of innovative pedagogical workshops using video games and new technologies for 6-18 years old.
    • Biodiv’Sport: support for programs using sport as a vector for the protection of biodiversity.

    To complete our team we are looking for a student to help us raise funds and seek financing. You will report directly to the Director of Play for Nature. To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to

    Primary Missions:

    • Development of corporate sponsorship
    • Deployment of the donation system on payment terminals
    • Canvassing of notaries to develop legacies and donations

    Required Skills:

    • Project management
    • Prospecting
    • Autonomy and initiative, teamwork
    • Sensitivity to the protection of the environment and endangered species

    Profile sought:

    • Student in L3 or M1

    Minimum wage in effect.

    Become a volunteer

    If you would like to join us and volunteer for Play for Nature, you can fill out the following form.

    FAQ Play for Nature

    Yes, this is possible for a supplement of 50€ per child. For logistical reasons, please contact us to make a reservation.

    A night costs 500€ for two people. This booking entitles you to a 66% tax reduction, so the night costs only 170€ at the end.

    Yes, the entire donation will be transferred to the various associations we support.

    Send an email to with the species you want to sponsor and the name to be displayed on the plate in front of the enclosure. You will also have to send us the payment of 100€ by check payable to “Play for Nature” at our address: 3 place Jean Garnier 63420 Ardes-sur-Couze.

    FAQ Biodiv'Educ

    At present, Biodiv’Educ offers 10 different workshops:

    • Escape Game on ancient forests
    • Follow the animals in Minecraft
    • The quest for the lost treasure
    • Create your ecosystem
    • Biodiv’TV
    • Naturacraft
    • Environmental Code
    • A robot on the road to the animals
    • The super-senses of animals
    • Escape game on wetlands

    We come directly to the schools (in the classroom or room at our disposal) when the workshops are indoors and we choose a place with you when they are outdoors. For the lost treasure workshop, we have several choices of places to do this activity but we can also do it in the immediate vicinity of the school by going to locate the land.

    At the time of our animations, we miss only the place where to carry out it. We come with all the necessary material (educational material, computers, tablets …) to realize the animation. Depending on the workshop we may just need access to electricity and tables and chairs.

    After having discussed with you, we will give you an estimate and send you a document on the themes of the workshops chosen to prepare our visit. After the animation we send you a poster summarizing the knowledge acquired by the children.

    The animators of Biodiv’Educ are Romane FORRESTIER and Cécile SABA, holder of a professional license in management of natural spaces and leisure and agri-environmental engineer, passionate about nature. They were joined by Tom BELIER BARDELLI at the end of 2022 who is an apprentice in his professional license.

    You can book your animations whenever you want. The time of year with the most activities is May and June, but we always try to find dates for classes that want them.

    It is not necessary to prepare the workshops in advance. Nevertheless, for the teachers who wish it, we provide before the animation a document written by our care which resumes the main themes which are approached in the workshops.
    For the Environmental Code workshop, we propose a quiz that can be prepared before our visit in order to get closer to the Highway Code, which requires practice before taking the final exam.