The Sloth Conservation Foundation

The Sloth Conservation Foundation is an initiative whose objective is to protect sloths in their natural environment in Costa Rica, to study them and to raise awareness about the importance of their preservation among local populations.

The Sloth Conservation Foundation

The three-toed sloth and Hoffman’s sloth face many anthropological threats: electrocution on high-voltage power lines, dog attacks, road collisions, deforestation for agriculture, hunting and poaching. The fragmentation of their habitat by urbanisation of the rainforest is increasingly isolating sloth populations, resulting in genetic disruption. To combat these threats, The Sloth Conservation Foundation aims to create biological corridors by planting trees or building bridges to connect different patches of forest together. The protected zones and the action plans are defined with the owners of the land concerned and in collaboration with the National Institute of Electricity of Costa Rica for the installation of bridges on major roads.

Our support

We are supporting the “Connected Gardens” project in Talamanca, Limón province, Costa Rica. Local communities are particularly involved in the construction of the infrastructures. By 2021, no less than 45 sloth crossing bridges (a rope connecting 2 trees) have been installed in the southern Caribbean of Costa Rica, connecting more than 80 different habitat fragments and using more than 1.5 kilometers of rope. Camera traps recorded more than 20 different species, including the 2 sloth species protected by the association. SloCo also built a new forest nursery to grow over 3,500 sloth-friendly trees, planted over an area of 30 km².