Mbou-Mon-Tour is a Congolese non-governmental organisation created in 1997 by Congolese academics, with the support of local communities, with the aim of protecting endangered wildlife and bonobos in particular.


Mbou Mon Tour aims to combine community-based bonobo conservation, environmental preservation and local development.

The forests in MMT’s intervention zone are threatened by various human activities, which lead to the destruction of the bonobo’s habitat and biodiversity in general.

The organisation is active in a number of areas: ecological monitoring of bonobos, poverty reduction among local populations, environmental awareness-raising and education, and management of community forests.

Our support

We are supporting the organization of a soccer, Nzango and Silikoti (tradionnal women’s sports) tournament, with the aim of raising awareness and uniting local communities around the protection of bonobos and their habitat. Our support contributes to the financing of the equipment, the organisation of the event and the salaries of the teams. The aim is to encourage local populations to play an active role in long-term efforts to educate, communicate and protect bonobos and biodiversity as a whole through their averyday actions.