ALERT (African Lion and Environmental Research Trust) aims to end conflicts between wild animals and local African communities to build a trust and a positive interest in conservation.


Human-wildlife conflicts impact communities by depriving them of their main source of income and food. Human-wildlife harmony must be restored to protect endangered species and rural communities. The aim is to put an end to these attacks and to prove to rural communities the benefits of wildlife conservation so that they become protectors and contribute to the survival of endangered species.

For this purpose, the association implements various solutions that have already proven their effectiveness. Regarding night attacks by lions, solar-powered lamps are placed around the cows’ enclosures to repel predators. Also, according to recent research, eyes painted on the cows’ rumps encourage the cats to give up their hunt. Cows are therefore painted three times a year to avoid attacks.

Other preventive measures include the use of camera traps to identify the different predators present and their migration.

Our support

Play for Nature gives financial support to ALERT to provide equipment (lights, paint, camera traps) to communities to peacefully dissuade wild animals from approaching crops and livestock.