ABOYERD is a non-profit organization that works with indigenous communities to protect biodiversity in Cameroon, including the pangolin.


The Agriculture and Bioconservation Organization for Youth Empowerment and Rural Development (ABOYERD) aims to promote the protection of wildlife and its ecosystems, while ensuring a future for the human communities that live there. This is achieved through scientific research, community environmental education and awareness, restoration of forest landscapes and sustainable community development in Cameroon.

The association is also behind the Ngouroumoutou project, a program to protect pangolins in the Mbam Djerem National Park. The pangolin is an endangered species due to habitat degradation, poaching and hunting for its meat. The project aims to engage local communities in the conservation of pangolins and other protected wildlife species. To do this, ABOYERD promotes education through community awareness workshops and traditional sports dance competitions in the villages around the Park.

Our support

We support ABOYERD in the organization of its Ngouroumoutou project for the conservation of pangolins through traditional sports dance competitions. These events are an opportunity to mobilize, educate and involve communities in restoring pangolin habitat through reforestation. The endowment fund contributes to this project by covering the costs of materials, transport, coordinators, T-shirts and snacks for participants in these awareness campaigns.