Borneo Nature Foundation

Borneo Nature Foundation is an ONG founded in 1999 to protect one of the largest lowland rainforests in Sebangau National Park in Indonesia.

Borneo Nature Foundation

The equatorial forest hosts an endangered biodiversity, which it is essential to protect. The survival of this ecosystem is threatened by climate change, which causes prolonged drought and multiple fires.

The association favors the involvement of local communities in the protection of their ecosystem. They are involved in replanting trees, making seed bags, monitoring the evolution of the plants and patrolling for fire outbreaks. An educational project has also been set up, allowing young people to discover the job of ranger and to understand the importance of protecting their habitat.

In 2022, 62,000 seedlings from two community nurseries were planted in the northern reforestation area of Sebangau National Park, and permaculture training sessions were conducted. Six community patrol teams have been active in firefighting and a seventh is being created.

Our support

We support Borneo Nature Foundation in their habitat restoration project. Local teams are replanting various species of plants, this reforestation will benefit the ecosystem as a whole, providing resources for many animal species. Local residents are involved in making seed bags from natural, degradable materials and monitoring the evolution of the plants.