Tu Tierra is an association based in the Chaparri Ecological Reserve in Peru that fights for the conservation of the spectacled bear.


The Chaparri Ecological Reserve is the first popular initiative conservation area in Peru and the largest dry forest conservation area in Northern Peru. It has the highest density of spectacled bears in South America, an emblematic animal of this part of the world.

With only 2,000 individuals distributed along the Andes, the spectacled bear is the rarest but also the most threatened bear species, classified as vulnerable according to the IUCN (2016).

Spectacled bears are victims of massive deforestation for the establishment of agricultural land. They are also hunted for their meat and some of their organs, which are used in traditional medicine.

Tu Tierra has created a conservation reserve that is home to a rich animal biodiversity. Spectacled bears are considered as an umbrella species, meaning that their protection benefits all the flora and fauna around them. Thus, by preserving these bears, Tu Tierra conserves an entire ecosystem. Protecting the Tropical Andes is all the more important and urgent because it is part of a biodiversity hotspot.

Our support

We support Tu Tierra in its tournament La Copa del Oso.. It is a football tournament that also serves as a festive event for Santa Catalina de Chongoyape and neighboring farming communities. This event is above all an opportunity to raise awareness among local communities and strengthen the influence and notoriety of the reserve. The funds donated to Tu Tierra will be used to finance this sporting event linked to sustainable development and the protection of species living in the Chaparri Reserve.