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Every year, we provide technical and financial support to associations that carry out biodiversity conservation projects on the four continents.

These projects can take different forms but must always keep in their center the biodiversity conservation objective as well as the awareness of the local populations concerned by the project.

We fund two types of projects :

  • Biodiversity conservation projects such as fauna and flora monitoring, scientific studies, reintroductions of individuals… with a share of awareness through information meetings, campaigns and education programs in schools.
  • Biodiversity conservation projects using sport and the organization of sporting events as a tool to raise awareness of populations and vector of key messages for biodiversity conservation.

Call for proposals in progress:

Play for Nature Play for Nature is launching its annual call for proposals aimed at all biodiversity conservation associations seeking financial support for their projects. Projects submitted must fall into one of two categories:

  • Biodiv’Monde: a biodiversity conservation project aimed at protecting an ecosystem or endangered species through concrete actions such as scientific monitoring, ecosystem restoration, environmental education, etc.

  • Biodiv’Sport : a biodiversity conservation project designed to protect an ecosystem or endangered species through the practice of sport, the organisation of a sporting event and raising awareness among local people.

Two levels of financial support are available: grants of 5,000 and grants of €15,000

  • Biodiv’Sport : 2 grantsof €15,000 and 14 grants of €5,000.

  • Biodiv’Monde : 2 grants of €15,000 and 5 grants of €5,000.

Technical support will be provided to project sponsors throughout the project, in particular to help them organise an awareness-raising sports event.

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