Animal sponsorship

Do your part

You love animals and want to do your part to protect them?

Sponsor a resident of the Parc Animalier d’Auvergne and protect him directly in the wild!

1 – I choose the animal I want to sponsor (red panda, giraffe, snow leopard…)

2 – I choose the level of protector I want to be

3 – I receive my rewards and become a sponsor for 1 year.

4 – My donation goes to the conservation programme of the sponsored species.

Your donation is 66% tax deductible, for a donation of €100, you actually spend €34. Your donation goes entirely to the conservation programme of the sponsored species. For species that do not have programmes, donations are divided among the other conservation programmes supported. The sponsorship plates of the sponsors are installed in the Parc once a quarter.

Would you like to sponsor an animal from Parc Animalier d’Auvergne with your class?

Write us at to tell us which species you would like to sponsor and the name of the class you would like to see on the plate. Then send us a check of 100€ payable to Play for Nature at 3 Place Jean Garnier, 63420 Ardes.

In return, your class receives :